Solid mixers

We customize different types of mixers for solids: Twin-cone mixers, V-mixers, container mix mixers, horizontal mixers, vertical conical mixers and many others.

What solids mixers we manufacture

Types of solid mixers

There are several types of mixers for solids, bicone mixer, V mixer, container mix mixer, horizontal mixer, vertical conical mixers…suse and application depend on the proportions to be mixed, the intensity of the mixture desired and the density of the product.

The bicone and V mixers are used to achieve a homogeneous mixture of food flours, starches, aggregates, infusions, cocoa, energy supplements. The container mix mixers are widely used for the process and manufacture of powder paint and mixing of plastic granules. Due to their construction and concept, the band mixers are used to mix less delicate products such as feed, organic fertilizers.

Example of BICONO Mixer for aggregates


  • Food mix
  • Manufacture of paints
  • Plastic granule mix
  • Mix of feed and fertilizers

Solid mixers are manufactured in different qualities including carbon steel, AISI 304 stainless steel, AISI 316 with surface finishes ranging from nuanced polishing to bright polishing used in the pharmaceutical sector. 


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    "V" mixers
    V-blenders is a mixing system capable of processing products with a mixing ratio of 1 to 10,000 parts with very short mixing times.

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    Bicone Mixers

    It is a solid mixing system capable of processing products of different densities and sizes in very short cycle times.

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    High shear power mixer for the manufacture of powder paints, homogeneous mixture of plastic pellets, among others. Its lifting and turning system together with the high-speed shearing blade achieve great grinding and mixing power.

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    The operating principle of the LOGALMA IPROCOMSA band mixers is based on the formation
    flow of currents that go from the ends to the center of the mixer and vice versa.
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    The mixing spirals are attached to the shaft in such a way that they create a movement of force to the product, causing a three-dimensional movement of the particles.

    The mixing shaft is supported on external bearings and the hermeticity with the mixer body is achieved by means of glands or seals that can be

    The transmission is carried out with motor and gear reducer.

    These horizontal mixers carry out a non-violent mixing process of the product with an insignificant increase in temperature, although more intensive if
    compared with other types of mixers such as the bicone.

    The discharge of the product is carried out through the valve located in the lower central part of the equipment. The horizontal design of this type of mixer represents a notable advantage in spaces or manufacturing rooms where there is not enough height.

    Equipment indicated for the mixture of powder products and even with the addition of powdered liquid substances.

    Widely used in the homogenization of large manufacturing batches and various formulations.

    The most frequent applications of this type of mixer are resins and wood flour, food additives, animal feed, wheat flour, spices, paprika, dairy solids, polymer pellets, clays, detergents, etc.
    food preparations, pharmaceutical formulations, among others.

    Capacities from 200 to 5,000 litres, or higher on demand.

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    Conical mixer
    The vertical conical mixer is equipped with a worm screw that performs a rotation and translation movement. The turning on itself of the endless screw acts as a vertical transport of the product.
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    This mixer takes advantage of the force of gravity during the mixing process, which means very low energy consumption. The substances or particles raised by the endless screw fall to the bottom of the mixer to be raised and transported again.

    Thanks to the conical design, the product is discharged completely, as well as the possibility of making small-volume mixtures.

    Horizontal mixer
    Horizontal mixers are the most used to mix different powder and granulated products, even to add liquid substances.
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    It is frequently used in mineral, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Specially designed for mixing resins, wheat flour, feedstuffs and additives, polymer granules, clays, detergents, spices, paprika, dairy solids.

    The horizontal mixer performs a non-violent treatment of the product, preventing the temperature increase of the substances being processed. They are especially suitable for installation in areas where there is limited space in height, easy maintenance and cleaning.

    Centrifugal sifter

    Sieve shakers are used to remove unwanted objects or bodies or small lumps in powdered products.

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    The product rotates and moves internally through the sieve shaker body, which, thanks to its slightly inclined internal blades and through removable circular sieves, achieve product separation. The material that does not pass through the screen is discharged through the coarse mouth and the material that passes through the screen through the fine hopper.

    Centrifugal sifter

    Sieve shakers are basically used to separate fractions with different granulometries with percentages of fines greater than 80%, thus eliminating possible impurities. Especially used in food, pharmacy, minerals, ceramics, chemical products, varnishes, pigments, plastics.

    They can be manufactured in carbon steel or stainless steel depending on the product to be sifted.

    Product sheet (PDF)

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