IPROCOMSA, EQUIPOS DE PROCESOS S.L. as a company specialized in the design, development and construction of equipment for the pharmaceutical, food or similar sectors, always aims design and manufacture both customized and standard equipment, where appropriate, to meet the diverse needs of its customers and regulatory market specifications. In short, the greatest reward of our work is the success of our clients.

IPROCOMSA, EQUIPOS DE PROCESOS S.L. has a continuous commitment to the quality of the products and services offered, the security and reliability of the same in their applications, the commitment to sustainability and the promotion of improving the safety of working conditions, complying with current legislation.

The responsibility for quality management, sustainability and work in occupational health and safety conditions rests with the entire organization and it assumes the commitment to incorporate the management of these aspects in their daily activities. Thus, it keeps in place the necessary processes, procedures and controls so that the activities carried out meet the established requirements (oriented to all interested parties in its organizational context).

Continuous improvement can only be achieved through information, consultation and participation of staff, at all levels and levels of IPROCOMSA, PROCESS TEAMS S.L. and with the full satisfaction of its customers.

In this sense, IPROCOMSA, EQUIPOS DE PROCESOS S.L. recognizes that a effective quality policy is an integral and fundamental part of business activity and the overall management of the company itself. To achieve this objective, the Management of IPROCOMSA, EQUIPOS DE PROCESOS S.L. establishes achievable and measurable objectives, in addition to the explicit commitment to active leadership in the Management System.

IPROCOMSA, EQUIPOS DE PROCESOS S.L. focuses its organization on:

Satisfy customer requirements
To efficiently produce and market equipment and services that are reliable and useful for society
Maximum respect to current legislation
To seek the personal and professional growth of its collaborators

Focused on product quality and customer service and shared success between the two.
Continuous change, adapting to changes in society and its needs and expectations.
Be a reference for the design and production of equipment for mixtures and reactions in the pharmaceutical, food, etc. sectors

Professional integrity
Responsibility and commitment

Key success factors
Permanent innovation
Proven reliability products and services
Plan and prevent before correcting
Create value in the market
Customer loyalty
Business reputation

The human team of IPROCOMSA, EQUIPOS DE PROCESOS S.L. has to aim at the full satisfaction of all interested parties and to achieve the greatest efficiency in each of the products manufactured and the services provided. To this end, IPROCOMSA, EQUIPOS DE PROCESOS S.L. directs its management to:

  1. Clarify in documentary form the products and services offered to the Customer, and specify deadlines, commitments and conditions associated with them, to comply with the requirements.
  2. Establish relationships between interested parties and IPROCOMSA, EQUIPOS DE PROCESOS S.L., to consolidate and agree on both requirements and mutual commitment.
  3.   The adequate contribution of resources to faithfully comply with the commitments made.
  4. Consider that the quality of the products designed and manufactured and the services provided are the basis of the organization’s future.
  5. Create a work environment for all employees that encourages commitment to Quality, teamwork, creativity and entrepreneurial orientation.
  6. Design respectful and sustainable products and services in accordance with current legislation.
  7.   An implied responsibility of each employee and collaborator in this Policy.
  8. Correct deficiencies, taking corrective actions in those situations that produce unsatisfactory products or services, from the moment they are detected.
  9.   A Continuous Improvement of its processes, products, services and the training of its human team.
  10. The optimization and maintenance of adequate infrastructures and a working environment.
  11. Management’s permanent commitment to compliance with this Policy.
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