IPROCOMSA is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of mixing and packaging machinery, specializing in customized solutions for companies in the most demanding sectors such as pharmaceutical, food, chemical or painting.

Pharmaceutical Sector

IPROCOMSA publishes a descriptive video of its most significant facilities in the pharmaceutical sector.

Iprocomsa inaugurates its new Test and Inspection room

We have recently inaugurated our pilot plant where you can carry out your industrial trials on a scale. We have a wide range of equipment for mixing and packaging solids and liquids that allow us to evaluate the best solution for your process and study different variants.

We also have the possibility of packaging small series of aerosols.

In the same room, accompanied by our clients, we carry out the last inspection of the equipment (FAT), in a conducive environment and in accordance with the demands of the strictest sectors such as the pharmaceutical and food industries.

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