mezclador bicono

Bicone Mixer


The MBC series mixers are designed to mix and homogenize with a gentle treatment and without aggression of the components.


Its main application is in the food, pharmaceutical or chemical industries.

FOR mixtures of pharmaceutical granules, food flours or powdered pigments.

It is made up of a cylindrical ferrule welded to two conical bodies that allows the product to turn from one side to the other, generating smooth sliding currents.

Equipped with a reduction motor and speed variator mounted inside the benches, which in turn support the bearings and drive shaft responsible for generating the rotation of the assembly.

mezcladores bicono

Equipped with a loading and cleaning mouth and a butterfly-type discharge valve.

AISI 304/316L stainless steel construction with a bright polished finish depending on needs and requirements.

Available automation of product loading and unloading by transfer and vacuum suction.

Command and control unit through touch screen PLC.

IP-55 electrical protections and ATEX protection at the request of the installation.


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