Serving the chemical industry

Our History


The agreement between the companies IPROCOMSA and LOGALMA is the continuation of a long experience of over 40 years in the design and manufacture of equipment for the chemical industry and processes such as mixing, stirring, dispersion and dosing, both volumetric and by weight.


Equipment for sectors with strict quality controls, such as the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, veterinary, food and chemistry sectors in general.

We implement projects for equipment for a variety of formulations in the field of hygiene product industries, such as detergents and soaps, both powder and liquid.


The extensive experience of our technical staff and engineering department allows us to design the equipment according to your mixing, stirring, dispersion and volumetric (by dosing or by weight) needs.


Our Facilities


We have highly qualified personnel in our own workshops, with 1,500 square meter facilities, where the equipment is manufactured and assembled under the most rigorous quality controls, so we can provide you with specific equipment certificates both in quality and officially approved welding, as well as the traceability of components and materials used in the construction of this specific equipment.




We emphasize our strong representation (in SPAIN) and reciprocal cooperation with the Swiss firm PAMASOL, the world leader in the design and manufacture of equipment for the Packaging of aerosols, in all its forms and types of propellants, with equipment for all industries: pharmacy, cosmetics, food, insecticides, air fresheners and others. PAMASOL manufactures and installs equipment for laboratories, small productions, semi-automatic equipment and a large production that yields up to 500 units per minute.


Our Mission


We are confident that our current and future customers will continue to help us in the most important mission for us, which is to improve and reach the point of satisfaction both in service and quality they deserve, need and require.


For this reason we provide our customers with all the departments of our company: Technical - Sales, Development and Manufacturing.


The Logalma-Iprocomsa headquarters are located in Piera, Barcelona

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