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Vibrating sifter

Centrifugal sifter


Sieving for the centrifugal separation of fractions with different particle percentages higher than 80% fine granules. In processes it is used as a security sifter.


Production of 50 to 10,000 kg/hr.

Vibrating sifter


Vibration sieving with rejection system in one, two or three fractions. Equipment built to be mounted independently or in line, connected to a facility.


Construction in stainless steel or carbon steel material, with stainless steel or nylon sieves. Yields from 5 to 5,000 kg/hr.


Sieving of sediments in liquid media


JENAG filtering equipment specifically designed to carry out the separation of solids in liquid media. Sieving from 80 microns to 2 millimetres with productions from 0 to 12,000 l/hr.


Automatic sieve cleaning system and extracting the remaining solid product.

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