Serving the chemical industry

Solid - liquid mixer

Equipment designed for dispersing, emulsifying, homogenizing and in line or batch adding processes.

High shear mixer, tank base


Specific equipment to be mounted on tank base. High shear mixer and dispersing power. Usually mounted using an anchor type stirring system.

Multi serrated high shear mixer


Multi Serrated Type Shear Mixer to be mounted in line. Specially designed to disperse and emulsify liquids with or without solids. High production equipment.

In line high shear mixer


Equipment used in processes of homogenization, dispersion and dissolution in line. Suction or pump feed. Built for use with liquids and large particle size solids.



Solid - Liquid mixer


Mixer, homogenizer and compact disperser designed to mix, dissolve or disperse solids in liquids continuously. High production and effectiveness set.



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